Coriander – The specialty Indian cuisine restaurant that transports flavours of India to you. Indian Cuisine is particularly known by the extensive use of various spices, herbs, oil and other vegetables. Each family of Indian cuisine includes a wide assortment of dishes and cooking techniques.  Indian food is a beautiful mix of Indian culture and its flamboyance, we bring forth this very cuisine that will enthrall your taste buds.
Indian Cuisine is divided into various regional cuisines where each region has a dominant flavor. In Southern Indian cuisine Coconut plays an essential role. As southern India is surrounded by sea, sea-food is dominant in the cuisine. North Indian food, typically Punjabi food allows variety of diary based variations in the cuisine. Because of strong Hindu-Muslim heritage fish, chicken and mutton (Lamb and Goat) are the popular meat, these cooked in mouth-watering curry or tandoori (roast) style encapsulates the non vegetarian dishes of India. Indian food ranges from mild to very spicy.
Coriander promises to deliver the best of India with its delectable range of curries, roasts, Indian Chinese, popular Indian beverages, special Indian desserts and some more little tit-bits from India. We are sure to make your eating experience something to remember us with.
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